Wednesday, 22 March 2017


You know the old saying- 'Rome wasn't built in a day...'? well neither was a relationship, not least one that works anyways. Relationships are complex and multifaceted; filled with highs and lows and yet the payoff can be truly wonderful- when in the right hands.

Relationships can be short and sweet, or there are ones that last a life time. So, focusing on the latter, by what means does one fully feel committed to another human being, after all we are all individuals, with different needs and wants. How can you really and truly tell when your partner is committed to you?

No one gives you a manual above love, albeit some have tried to write about the subject matter to no avail. No one tell you how to behave, how to love and be loved, and yet when it comes to commitment, it is almost assumed that once you have been with  person for a number of years, then ultimately this means you are committed to that person. You see however, therein lies the problem.....Assumption. The big ol'...making as ass of u and me.

Ultimately, where no definition and no statements and declarations have been made to that effect, either party, in effect is free to wander off as they see fit, with relatively little guilt. At what point do you need to tell your partner to take a leap of faith and make the ultimate sacrifice- to give themselves truly to you...when is it ok to declare ....'Are you in or are you out?

Relationships can be beautiful things, but if one persons needs aren't being met emotionally, then neither persons can be truly happy. I often find that its the women in the relationships who want a confirmation of commitment i.e marriage. So why are men so afraid to commit? The cynic in me would suggest that they prefer to hedge their bets and their feeling is that something better may come along or ....are they just are unwilling to make a decision but prefer to have their cake and eat it...and have the opportunity to eat other varieties of cake.

This may seem like a harsh reality to some, but I start to find myself veering towards this view point more often than I would like to admit. After-all, there has to come a point where we just have say - ' $hit or get off the bucket- .' I do do you?'

The reality is that it is often too difficult to make ultimatums where real compassion and love exists, however, where do the boundaries lie- when does one start to lose hope and start to accept that the so called commitment they crave is not within grasp. If this is truly the case and is the accepted reality for some, then to be honest, it might be time to take a step back and access the situation and ask yourself what direction you want your life to go in- if its not the same as your significant other, then perhaps its time to get off that bucket- for delaying the inevitable dissatisfaction will most likely just bread contempt further down the line.

Ultimately in this day and age, marriage, which I am a advocate for, is unfortunately not the fail proof method of commitment as statistics would suggest, but rather just a gesture of intent. There are no guarantees for not all marriages succeed -having said this, failure only exists when we choose not to try, So until then, if you find the one that makes you happy, be content if you can be -for love is wonderful thing and first comes love- then comes commitment.


Friday, 16 September 2016

A Kiss

Kiss me like I long to be kissed, to feel your lips glide across my neck, kissing with each pulse, with each breath,
Kiss me gently, slowly, let you lips dance on my skin, brushing each contour, each perfection, each imperfection.
Kiss me with lust in your eyes, wanting in your loins, pounding in your heart and let your skin burn in anguish, for the taste of my lips.
Kiss me like never before, a kiss of all kisses and let me be punished for the taste of your lips,
For this shall be a kiss to melt my senses, A kiss to melt my heart.

Saturday, 2 July 2016

You don't know

You think you know someone, you just don't know.....
late nights, mislaid heads, you just don't know,
you lay your cards down, you set your heart alight,
you carve your soul into the one, but you just don't  know, you don't know.

You laid next to me and spoke lies to my eyes,
you reached out to my heart, and then tore it to pieces
your insincerity, masked with your false sincerity,
you just don't know, you don't know.

It breaks my heart, for my heart was already broken from the start,
the charade we played, the endless musical we staged, that which we called our lives
you played the lead and I followed in your footsteps, I followed you, anywhere and everywhere,
I set my heart down for you to carry, but you just don't know, you never know

I miss the idea of that which I dreamt we were,
I miss the dreaming, the fantasy, I miss the us,
I miss the us we could have been, but it all fell to pieces ,
I fell to pieces for your broke me piece by piece until there was nothing left,
I'm broken, shattered , for I just didn't know, I just didn't know.

I looked into your eyes, and yet I didn't see you,
The real you, hidden within, I just didn't know,
I didn't know you...and I never knew you.

Monday, 16 May 2016

But what good would it be

Solitude, a lonely word,
A cup of tea for one, a meal to dine alone.
upon my journey for two, but landed hereupon for one,
A timeless piece to dance, but for my two lonely feet to drag,
I sit across the room, a prisoner to my thoughts,
For If two were deemed as good, then what good would be one if but for no good.

Each passing day I count each chime,
one, two, three, the hours roll by,
they roll with no haste, as if to mock my sorry state,  
a picture perfect of such distaste.
I can not shed a tear, for tears do but come in pairs,                                                                    
and for this lonely state of mind, what good would                                                                         it be to share my teary eyes.

My solitude clears my mind, but brings such space for much disdain,
The journey began for two, but uncertainty let me off before my stop,
My mind wanders alone, cradling its watery grave so close,
This solitude may let the water overflow.....
but what good would it be to let these tears run loose.